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Introducing The Mogul Partnership Project


At Mogul we are grounded in digital. It is our core strength. Years of experience – and thousands of digital projects with business leaders and decision-makers across a wide range of industries – have given us deep specialist knowledge.

However, we have seen that the most effective leaders know that a solid digital strategy – on its own – is not enough to enable an organisation to reach its potential. Every business has other areas that can be developed or optimised, and we have always strived to connect our clients with the very best people we could find to help.

Over time and throughout many projects, we have forged links with some extraordinary people – top-notch experts in their field with a wide range of specialist knowledge and experience in New Zealand and offshore markets.

We call these people Mogul Partners.

Mogul Partners have very different backgrounds and expertise, but we all have one thing in common: we love helping businesses grow and reach their potential.

It’s what we do best.


Recent Mogul Partner Engagements

Hustler Equipment – Creating Deeper Customer Connection

Hustler’s recent rebrand presented the perfect opportunity for Mogul to collaborate with Design Thinking coach Peter Roband. Peter brought his expertise in organisational purpose and storytelling to enable Hustler put their customers front and centre of their business and tell a story that truly sticks.

“It was excellent, the team were stoked! We found a lot of value from exploring the customer to discover what is of value, their needs etc, and there was nothing we didn’t get good value from to be fair. ” – Brent Currie, CEO

Boom – SaaS Product Go-to-Market Strategy

Boom is a brand-new software platform for builders that aims to transform the New Zealand construction industry. Taking a product like Boom to market requires not just web smarts, but a deep knowledge of the building sector. Stuart Parker, a digital strategist with e-commerce, UX, and years of building industry experience was an ideal fit to help us give Boom the best chance of success.

Gemco – Next Level User Experience

Hawke’s Bay construction company Gemco wanted a ‘next-level’ online experience for their new website. To design and deliver a very beautiful – and technically very challenging – experience, we brought together the Mogul Partners dream team of Black Dog Design (creative direction) and Indelible (video production).

“We were looking for a state-of-the-art website that engaged the viewer and took them on a journey through Gemco and our work. Mogul and the ‘dream team’ delivered on our vision with a website that we are extremely proud of.” – Darren Diack, MD

Identimark – Validation Project

Identimark has a unique customer and fairly complex industry sector to market to. Mogul used this opportunity to collaborate with Simon Taylor to find what their clients were looking for and how they would use the new website.

“Simon engaged with a selection of our clients and extracted the information and presented it in a way that gave us a fresh perspective as to what our clients were looking for and how they wanted to engage. It was a simple, collaborative piece of work that I would recommend to all companies that need clear, independent direction on their current or future clients in the market.”  – Charlie Beatson, Project Manager

The Mogul Partnership Project

In our high-tech, connected global economy, modern business can be very complex. New technology, rapidly changing markets and disruptive new business models mean that leaders are more distracted than ever.

Which means that business planning needs to be much more focused than in the past. It also needs to be faster and as industries converge, become obsolete, or diverge into new areas, it takes a variety of different perspectives to identify the best opportunities.

The Mogul Partners approach has worked for more than five years across a number of diverse projects for high-achieving Mogul clients. With the experience we have gained and the results we have seen first-hand, we are excited to launch the Mogul Partnership Project as a stand-alone offering. 

This is a unique opportunity for you to transform your organisation – starting today. 

Who is it for?

The Mogul Partnership Project is suitable for hard-working, high-achieving leaders and decision-makers, e.g. senior managers or C-level roles.

The participants must be able – and prepared – to make fundamental changes to their organisation.

Who would be involved?

The Mogul Partnership Project is primarily digital-first but importantly draws on the expertise of a select group of highly experienced experts – Mogul Partners – from a number of diverse disciplines, in order to provide perspective, stimulate new ideas, create connections, and challenge you to change the way you do business.

This is not a groupthink exercise or a cheerleading session. It is a rigorous exploration of possibilities firmly focused on growth and change.

What do you get out of it?

Through the Mogul Partnership Project, a client is exposed to top-quality imagination, business experience and problem-solving skills.

The result – typically a high-level strategy with a prioritised list of practical actions – is almost always unexpected and provides the client with a blueprint for transforming their organisation and achieving significant, lasting improvements.

Our methodology has four simple phases:

The Mogul Partnership Project always consists of a rigorous discovery phase, the Partner selection process, a collaborative workshop, and the output will depend on what the client needs. It could be a strategy document, a roadmap, a new value proposition, or even a whole new business idea.

NB. Mogul is a registered supplier for the Regional Business Partners COVID Support Service, so if your business has been affected by the pandemic you may be eligible for funding for business recovery and growth. Ask us for more information.

1. Partnership Discovery

We gain a deep understanding of the problem we are solving:

  • Conduct a current situation analysis (product, business model, customer, team)
  • Stakeholder engagement and input including team and customer interviews
  • Create the discovery brief for the Partner Session (background, purpose, observations)

2. Partner Selection

Together, we select the right people to be around the table to solve the problem:

  • Identify the Partner requirements. How many do we need? What expert disciplines and industry specialisations will provide the most impact?
  • Jointly select the best Partners
  • Engage the chosen Partners, execute NDA’s and share the discovery brief

3. Partner Session

As a group we explore uncharted territory and develop ideas that can be turned into valuable solutions:

  • Full-day interactive co-design session with Mogul Partners
  • Examination of the problem and exploration of ideas and opportunities
  • Gain huge insights into your business and emerge with a brand new perspective

4. Partnership Plan

A high-level strategy with a prioritised list of practical actions that the business is able to initiate or implement immediately.

The plan will include any further costs and timeline.

Start your exciting new journey today. Contact us to enquire about the Mogul Partnership Project.