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Web Application Development

The combination of a web server and a relational database is an incredibly powerful thing. All of the great web apps of our time, from Google to Facebook to Amazon, are built on the same web-database principles.

At Mogul, we have been using the world’s most popular open-source tools such as; PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache in our custom web application development for more than ten years.

Web Application Development | Web Application Developers | Mogul

About web applications

We have a great deal of experience with WordPress and Drupal, two of the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) and we have built many complex web applications on these platforms, as well as popular PHP framework CodeIgniter.

We also use front-end frameworks like React, Vue and Angular to do cool interactive stuff in the browser.

Our development teams use the agile approach to project management, which means rapid prototyping, development, and deployment of new features, so our customers can see their vision become a reality sooner rather than later.

Who needs web applications?

Custom web applications are used to solve all sorts of business problems, from simple interactive calculators, to build-your-own products, to complex member management systems, and online auction websites.

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Why you need a Mogul-designed web application

The benefits of a well-designed web application are numerous.


A good web app will work predictably, even if it is given wildly inappropriate inputs or if the hardware it is running on is not optimal.


Well-developed software runs faster, because it doesn’t do unnecessary calculations, look up things it doesn’t need to, or hold unnecessary data in the system’s memory.

Ease of use

A thoughtfully designed web app is much easier for its users to understand and work with, which is vital if you are going to spend the next ten years using it every day!

Easy to maintain

Good software is usually designed in such a way that different people can work on different parts of it, to upgrade it or fix bugs, without needing to change the whole system or shut everything down.


If a new person needs to use the web app or work on it, they don’t need to take ages to figure out where things are or how it works.


There are a vast number of ways that poorly-designed software can be hacked, from passing passwords in plain text, to sloppy form validation, to poorly written database queries. The Mogul team has vast experience in designing security in from beginning.

Good value for money

A well-designed web app is generally cheaper than a poor one. You’ll spend less money fixing bugs for a start, and the greater speed and usability means you’ll recover the development cost far more quickly through increased productivity.

Easy to integrate with other systems

Modern software often integrates with other systems. A well-designed web app makes it easy for other software to connect to it through Application Program Interfaces (APIs). See our API Development capability to find out more.

The sprayer configuration page is a huge help for not only our clients but also our dealers for creating quotes quickly and easily. Thanks Mogul.

Brent Currie, Marketing Manager — Hustler Equipment
Web App Development | Web Application Developers | Mogul

Make your life easier

If you spend half your life managing spreadsheets or inputting data from pieces of paper, there’s a good chance you need a web application. There are a huge number of great software-as-a-service websites that do most of the jobs we used to hate, e.g. Xero and Salesforce.com, but sometimes you need a piece of software to do a job that is unique to your company and your customers.

If you think a well-designed web app can make your life easier get in touch today and we can discuss your requirements.

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