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Customer Experience Workshop

Have a meaningful relationship with your customers

So much can be done with design thinking principles, process and methods, but our favourite way to use design thinking is to help our clients discover their customer-centred purpose through a customised customer experience workshop.

It’s like finding your value proposition, but with more soul.

Due to the extensive depth of our product range, we were looking to better communicate, reach and promote ourselves to different markets.

Jens Büchner - Marketing Coordinator, Trans Tank International

What is design thinking?

“Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. Design thinking has a human centred core. It encourages organizations to focus on the people they’re creating for, which leads to better products, services, and internal processes.” IDEO U

How do we use a Customer Experience Workshop to gain insights?

Using design thinking methods to lead the workshop, we work with management teams to help them see their customers in a new light – and uncover what truly matters to them.

We start by uncovering a deeper understanding of your company and the people within it, why you started, what is important to you, what is different or special about you, and why.

Then we unpack your key customers, the problems they are wrestling with, and how your products solve those problems.

The most value that Mogul has provided is a clear and consistent message that needs to be conveyed. Due to the unpredictable seasonality of our business, it makes it difficult to create a detailed marketing plan. We have to be ready to respond to unexpected weather conditions with relevant content. The workshop with Mogul has helped us to be better prepared for these opportunities, and as a result, sales have increased.

Jens Büchner - Marketing Coordinator, Trans Tank International

We help you identify and understand your customers’ most important needs. You can use these to create experiences using language and themes that connect with your customers on a more emotional level; enabling deeper, more meaningful relationships.

This gives us a platform to begin to create the elements of a story framework, messaging and language that weaves in our clients and their needs, and our people, products and purpose.

By the end of this day-long workshop, and the process of peeling back the layers of what you think you know; you’ll discover what your own magic really is, and why your organisation matters beyond its products and services.

As a result of the Customer Experience Workshop, TTi has been able to convey the company’s mission, vision and values in a more consistent way.
Having a blueprint of the message that is to be conveyed to each product and market has saved many hours developing content and allowed members within the team to create relevant, accurate content consistently.
The result of this is an increase in sales.

Jens Büchner - Marketing Coordinator, Trans Tank International

If you want to learn how to develop a deeper relationship with your customers,  talk to us today about how our customer experience workshop can help you understand their journey.