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Email Marketing

Email direct marketing (EDM) is one of the most valuable ways for you to reach out to your customers and grow your business.

Customers expect personalised, real-time communications, and your direct email communications are a critical channel for delivering these messages. We offer EDM template development and content management strategies that will help you create effective email marketing campaigns and get your business growing.

Email Marketing Agency | Email Marketing Campaign | Mogul Email Marketing Template

Who needs an EDM?

Any organisation that relies on repeat business, membership, subscriptions, or even just wants to communicate with its stakeholders on a regular basis can benefit from a well-planned EDM strategy.

Email Marketing Agency | Email Marketing Campaign | BayBuzz Email Marketing Template

Email Marketing Agency | Email Marketing Campaign | Mogul

Why you need an EDM

It is immediate: from hitting the send button to your message being read takes mere seconds.

Inexpensive: from just a few cents per recipient.

Personal: a personally addressed email fosters a sense of connection.

Consistent: a well-planned email schedule means your recipients look forward to your messages on a regular basis.

Email Marketing Agency | Email Marketing Campaign | Mogul

Customised: segmented lists mean that you can tailor your messages to individuals to make them more relevant and appealing.

Measurable: Modern EDM systems give you a great deal of insight into the effectiveness of your messaging, e.g. what links get clicked on most, what is the best time of day to send, and even which version of a headline leads to more sales.

Interactive: Your readers can interact with you via your email messages, with the click of a mouse e.g. ‘find out more’, ‘get in touch’, ‘buy now’, or ‘tell us what you think’.

Does your business nail email marketing?

If you want to talk about starting up EDM campaigns for your business, or you want to improve what you’re already doing, contact us today.