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It’s always great working with iconic New Zealand brands, and with a story dating back to 1862, The Yummy Fruit Co is no exception. This household grocery produces the highest quality fruit, the Yummy stickers are known the country over, and the company has provided schools with thousands of dollars worth of school equipment.

The Yummy site hadn’t had much of a makeover since 2014. It was hard to update the content, and we wanted to make a create nice vibrant, easy to use site for the company.

Celebrating the produce

When we started working on the wireframes of the website, the main things we wanted to focus on were the fantastic produce, the great team, the history of the company, the school programmes and, where to buy the produce.

We really wanted the fruit to be the hero, so the variety pages centre around the fruit and celebrates the great ways the customer can use the fruit with fantastic recipes.

After the wireframes we developed the website theme. We incorporated the original purple as the main colour while introducing a new teal colour. To add visual flair, we used little embellishments like falling apple leaves, some in and out of focus.

The homepage shows off which fruit are in season or available within a simple slider. Clicking into the individual fruit shows the information about the fruit along with any recipes and where to buy. For the history of the company we created a timeline feature which easily allows you to jump to the content for each year.

The fruit of choice

The client was very happy with the end result and feel that the website now more accurately reflects the brand and it’s position in the market as the fruit of choice.

“Mogul is a fantastic company to work with. George and her team have great communication, expert knowledge, and skills, and nothing is ever a problem for them! Highly recommend.”

Emma Laurenson – Sales and Marketing Brand Manager, The Yummy Fruit Co

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