We recently designed and built a really cool web application for Massey University, called the Career Engine.

The Career Engine www.engine.ac.nz helps schoolkids and other prospective students by providing them with a snapshot into their potential careers, based on what subject they are good at and enjoy at school.

It encourages them to think about how they want to “have a brilliant career that has an impact on the world”, and ‘wows’ them with some insights into how their life might turn out depending on the choices they make now.

The Career Engine has a user-friendly wizard interface that gathers information from you about what year you are currently in at school, your favourite subjects and what you enjoy doing and comes up with some exciting career opportunities for you.

Because nearly every schoolkid is on Facebook, we designed the Career Engine to integrate tightly with social media. You can log in using your Facebook account and share the results with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This way the Career Engine is spread virally throughout Massey’s target audiences, and the Facebook login means that users don’t need to manually input all of their contact details when they join.

Google Analytics ensures that Massey have a clear picture of how visitors are travelling through the different slides of the Career Engine, and where things can be improved. We’ve already started using these insights on phase 2 of the Career Engine.

The innovative nature of this project meant we had to carry out comprehensive planning and testing. The project presented us with a number of challenges around social media integration, complex front-end interface design, and content management, and it had to be done in a very short timeframe to coincide with a national TV ad campaign.

So have a go and see where you might have ended up if you had chosen a different career path! www.engine.ac.nz

“We saw a gap in the university market for an online tool that could help students identify a course of study based on their interests. Mogul picked up what was really just a blue sky idea and developed it into a project and reality in a really short space of time! Now we’ve got a really simple to use tool that will help our prospective students open their eyes to the world of possibility and aspiration available through tertiary study. If you’re thinking about hiring Mogul for similar projects, don’t hesitate!” – Tracy Pleasants, Marketing Manager, Massey University