Client: SpacePlan
Industry: Warehousing Solutions
Project: Branding and Website Development
Key Contact: Finn Steele, Storage Consultant

“Can we fit another 200 pallets in here?” 

That’s the sort of question that SpacePlan’s clients ask them. SpacePlan offers a fresh new approach to warehouse design and build. 

Client Overview: SpacePlan, a leading provider in the warehousing industry, specialises in designing and delivering high-quality, thoughtful storage solutions. With a focus on integrating expertly with other facility functions, SpacePlan prides itself on its industry expertise and innovative approaches.

Challenge: As SpacePlan sought to enhance its market presence, the need for a refreshed branding and website became apparent. They required a partner who could offer not just technical prowess in design and website development, but also strategic consultancy to refine and articulate their market offering effectively.

Solution: Mogul stepped up as the ideal partner for SpacePlan. Led by George, we demonstrated a keen understanding of SpacePlan’s strategic goals, coupled with the technical capability to bring these ambitions to fruition.

Process and Collaboration: The collaboration kicked off with an initial meeting where George and the tam from Mogul showcased their technical capabilities and strategic understanding of SpacePlan’s objectives. What set Mogul apart was their proactive approach to idea generation and strategy formulation, working closely with SpacePlan to refine their branding and messaging.

A pivotal moment in this partnership was the face-to-face workshop session. This interactive and collaborative workshop allowed both teams to deep-dive into SpacePlan’s market offering. The session was instrumental in shaping a coherent and compelling narrative for SpacePlan’s brand and online presence.

Outcome: The result of this partnership was a sophisticated and strategically aligned brand and website that resonated with SpacePlan’s target audience. The new branding and website reflected SpacePlan’s industry expertise and innovative solutions, effectively communicating their value proposition to the warehousing industry.

Finn Steele from SpacePlan was stoked: “Working with Mogul was a game-changer for us. Their ability to blend high-quality design and technical expertise with strategic consulting was exactly what we needed. George’s leadership in idea generation and strategy development was exceptional. The team’s willingness to share opinions and engage in meaningful discussions helped us refine our market offering significantly. Mogul’s approach was not just about delivering a service; it was about partnering with us to enhance our brand’s impact in the market.”