Cirtex are a fast-growing nationwide supplier of geosynthetic solutions with a large and strong civil and infrastructure customer base. The came to us to build a site that would ensure their residential market could find appropriate information, and fast.

Cirtex_April Newsletter_V2

Here’s what some of the Mogul team said about working on this project…

The Cirtex website project required extensive planning – of solutions, products and completed projects across the two markets, but once the planning had been agreed the project moved through the process very smoothly. With training the client very capably completed the content loading to deliver a complete and full-featured company website.
– George Miller (Managing Director)

Cirtex wanted to spotlight some of their projects on their website. This required a very specialised form of blog to display and catalogue all of their case study projects. Each of these case study projects also required extra information and images form the usual post format.
Nathan Rosandich (Web Developer)

Cirtex has a lot of solutions, both residential and commercial, So finding a UX flow that worked to find a user’s solution fast was a high priority. Once the groundwork UX was done, the next objective was building the UX and infusing Cirtex’s strong brand presence. I think Cirtex’s strength pulls through into the website quite well, and I hope the users find the solution to their problems in a quick and concise way.
Louie Coyle (Designer)