The Anthroposophical Society is an independent platform where people from all disciplines, practices and backgrounds can meet and share their work, learning and journey towards a spiritual understanding of life.

Sue Simpson (The society’s general secretary) came to us wanting us to develop a site that would bring the anthroposophy philosophy into the modern age.

Whenever we complete a project, we ask for feedback, and this is what Sue said: “We really valued the professional approach, support, guidance and patience throughout. I really valued the brainstorming session at the beginning. The work on the logo was very good (it may not go on our website but it has found a home), especially the way Louis picked up on ideas and creatively developed them”.


Now a word from the Mogul team…

It was a really fun challenge working the Anthroposophical brand and website. I was able to delve back into my childhood to bring back the memories of being Steiner student, so that was pretty helpful. We created a moodboard at the beginning to focus our ideas, then solidified them into usable pieces, the brand was the first stage, even though we didn’t use it in the end, it was the defining piece that pulled the aesthetic of the website together. Once the UX bones of the website were laid it was just a matter of building it and fleshing out the defining visual aspect. Lots of fun.
– Louis Coyle (Designer)

We pulled and displayed the society’s calendar events from Google calendar. Using Google calendar allows them to quickly and easily manage their events in all of the areas. While on the websites can easily filter and display this information in an public and easy to digest format. Anthroposophical also required that all of their communities had their information in a easy to use way for their website users. With this in mind we built a custom filtering solution for all of their communities.
– Nathan Rosandich (Web Developer)

Working with Anthroposophy in NZ was a really interesting project where we journeyed with the client from strategic planning all the way through the project to implementation. It was a project that challenged us all at times, but the result is a cohesive, well-structured and managed solution that the community can be really proud of.
– George Miller (Managing Director)