The World of WearableArt (WOW) is a renowned international design competition that attracts hundreds of entries from all over the world. Finalists compete for over $165,000 in prize money plus internships with leading creative companies such as Weta Workshop.



We were delighted that WOW chose Mogul to redevelop their website as we knew it would be an awesome creative project to work on, and the Mogul team have loved being involved in a project with a brand that attracts such a global audience to NZ. Not only did we design the creative theme for the website, but we redesigned the ticketing and registration UI (User Interface) for a much easier and more enjoyable UX (User Experience).

A highlight for George, our Managing Director, was going to the show last year: “It was an amazing show – the stage production is world-class, and the costumes were mind-blowing. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the team at WOW”

Creating WOW’s visual theme for the website was a fun process. We initially proposed 3 different styles in order to direct our efforts. The first was a ‘minimalist focus’, the second was ‘colour on colour’, and the third being a spotlight on patterns and textures to accentuate the outfits. Once the client agreed on a minimalist approach, we then developed some web components in order to see how the style might be used across the website in various places.


CodePen Style 1CodePen Style 2CodePen Style 3


Whilst also developing the website we were involved in redesigning their online ticketing system and designers dashboard.


CodePen WOW Style Development(3) CodePen WOW Style Development (1)
CodePen WOW Style Development CodePen WOW Style Development(2)


The site’s online store was built using WooCommerce, a native WordPress e-commerce solution. This gave us full flexibility when customising the store’s design and function to match the rest of the site.

We worked alongside a 3rd party developer to address current issues with each of these systems to give their users a more accessible and intuitive experience, whilst also adopting the current process of which their users are accustomed to. After reviewing a lot of feedback from their staff and users we worked through several iterations of wireframes, prototypes and a workflow document which was passed on to the developer to implement.

During the WOW project we also implemented a members-only section for media outlets to sign up and receive members-only information. Creating this system through WordPress allows WOW to individually control all of the users and their access, while also controlling the release of their media information.

With the website recently launched and tickets now on sale the team at WOW have achieved a record sales day in February – well done team! We are thrilled to receive your updates and look forward to continuing to work with you towards a successful 2016 year and beyond.