If you’ve worked with Mogul on email marketing, you’ll know that our favorite email marketing software is Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor has just released some new tools which enhance the email creating process. Essentially they have rebuilt the way you go about creating your emails. By choosing one of their featured themes you can then drag and drop and edit elements you see fit. This is great news for those people who have retail shops and do a lot of fancy campaigns, as these tools will give you the creative freedom to really let loose. If you’re using a custom-made HTML template then you’re out of luck but don’t let that stop you experimenting. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of having a custom HTML template just as you want it, or having the creativity of the drag and drop editor.

New features include:

Big bold hero imagery


The new builder allows you background images that flow edge to edge across any device or screen size. It also features an image editor (from Adobe) right within the editor which is pretty handy. You can add text and buttons over background images which is pretty amazing for email design.

Highly personalised content


Create dynamic and personal content specific to your user base. These extend to content, images, subject lines, interactive content, and surveys.

Limitless, pixel-perfect control


Choose from thousands of font colours, sizes, and styles. Adjust sizing and padding around logos, images and content. A colour picker that remembers previous colours. Layout with 2, 3 and full width columns.

Modern, flexible, professional templates


Each of their templates have a different feel and layout. So choosing one as a starter depending on your content is a good idea, you can always change the layout, fonts, images and colours down the track.

Responsive design taken to a new level


The wizards at Campaign Monitor have developed the builder to look great on any screen regardless of email client; that’s not to say they will all look exactly the same on Outlook as Gmail or iOS but it’s probably as good as you’re going to get. “Every message created with our drag-and-drop builder is designed to look beautiful in every inbox, giving marketers confidence that their emails will deliver the right message to every customer’s device screen.” No more testing and bug fixing, yay!

With new tools there is always a learning curve until you know the ins and outs, but this new builder is fairly intuitive and easy to use. It’s really just a matter of getting in there and having a play around to see if its a right fit for you and your EDM’s content. Happy emailing!