We’ve just launched the new ‘Engine of the new New Zealand’ site for Massey University.

The site is aimed at young people who are focussed on having great career and looking at Massey as a potential place to study.

The Engine site is separate from the main Massey University site. It features profiles of some outstanding New Zealanders who have studied or currently work at Massey University and gives details of how these ‘defining people’ got to where they are today, what they studied and how you can get there too.

Mogul has been working with Massey on a range of projects and we are thoroughly enjoying the varied and challenging nature of each project. The Engine site was no exception.

The target audience are web savvy and they like their information fast. The site had to be fresh, exciting and easy to navigate. We think we did quite well, let us know what you think.

Tracta have been working day and night to create a new design system for Massey that would give them a fresh, dynamic look. This set the foundation for the work Mogul went on to do designing the Engine site.

Best part is, there’s still more to come so make sure you keep an eye on what the ‘Engine of the new New Zealand’ is up to!

“Mogul are organised, structured, process driven, deliver in line with and often exceeding expectations, collaborative and all around a pleasure to work alongside”
– Tracy Pleasants, Marketing Manager Massey,