Here’s a great event we’re running on August 31. It’s a virtual webinar put on by Findex and Mogul:

“How to create wealth through effective digital marketing strategies”

We’ll show you how great digital marketing strategies can impact on your bottom line and ultimately, the value of your business – and because it’s a virtual event, you won’t need to leave the house – even if we’re in a full Level 4 lockdown!

Our expert panel (including yours truly) will discuss the following:

  • Which digital approaches and new ideas are working well
  • Digital habits that are well past their use-by date
  • How to convert leads into new customers and the impact this will have on your revenue, gross profit and net profit
  • Strategies to improve your revenue, gross profit, and understanding of overhead expensesSave the date – 12 noon on August 31 – and we’ll see you there.

Click here to register now – and you can even ask us a question beforehand!