Senior Designer, Louis Coyle gives us the lowdown on what is was like working on one of the most exciting projects of 2016, Gemco.

Working on the new Gemco website has been a fun and challenging project. From the get go, Gemco wanted something ‘next-level’ and weren’t afraid to try something new. So we joined forces with Indelible and Black Dog to really give it the best shot we could.

For the homepage we developed a dynamic scrolling video with interactive tooltips. Getting a video to scrub based on scroll position is no easy feat, and in the end, we had to render the video out at around 6fps into separate jpg’s and pass each one through the canvas element based on the scrolling position on the page. Once we got that sorted I was able to add some 3D tooltips that come into view and allow the user to either view a project video or to go through to that case study.

The projects page also features a few different layouts for navigation and a filter to easily find what you’re looking for. We created numerous ways to layout content, imagery, and video within the page templates so that no matter the content you could find a nice way to lay it out. For some high-end pages, we developed special templates to deliver content faster on mobile and tablets.

“I can personally say that I learnt a lot on this project and that it has been a labour of love. Having worked on the original Gemco site back in 08-09 its been really great to have been given another crack.”