There are so many options available when it comes to Web Hosting, from Cheap hosting, DIY hosting to Managed Hosting services. With countless options available, where do you start? To help, we’ve put together a basic guide.

But first, what is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is where your website’s code, images, documents and other assets are stored and served up to the rest of the world when they view your site. There’s a huge range of web hosting options available, starting from basic plans which cost a few dollars a month, up to many thousands of dollars for multiple high-speed servers and other infrastructure to handle millions of users a day.

To get you on your way, take a look at the guide we have put together below:

Cheap hosting

Often based in the US, you can get a small amount of space and bandwidth for a few dollars a month.

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: You tend to get what you pay for. Can be unreliable, and the support from the helpdesk slow or non-existent.

DIY hosting

Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and many others offer web-based services where you can rent your very own server, configure it how you like, and manage it yourself.

Pros: Full control and the ability to manage your own hosting.
Cons: Usually a little more pricey than basic hosting, and of course you have to manage your own hosting – solve problems, keep up to date with security updates etc.

Managed hosting services

This is the option we usually favour at Mogul. If you pick the right service, you can get very high-quality reliable hosting, tuned for performance, with all of that underlying maintenance taken care of. For WordPress sites, we recommend WP Engine.

Pros: Less time spent on maintenance and fixing problems, good performance.
Cons: More expensive than a basic hosting service, but usually less than managing your own server (especially if you factor in your own time).

That’s a quick guide, but the right choice for your site is always particular to your site and if you’re looking for a better option for your web hosting needs, give us a call +64 6 877 7478