The team who were involved in this responsive Woocommerce website build share their insights on the El Gusto project.


Before we get into it, here’s a quick word from the client:

“The best value we received from Mogul was in the broad concept of the site and the marketing ideas to get subscriptions and engagement. The brand refresh was great as well. The best thing about working with Mogul is they are happy to tell you how to do something if it’s a recurring task which saves you money. They are interested in long-term relationships.” – Dayle Senior, El Gusto.

Now to the team:

“The El Gusto project centered around a global repository for recipes, where users can subscribe to view, manage and share recipes. This created an interesting technical challenge of having users create and share recipes from their own account page. We also developed a menu planner for each user which allows them to group recipes into events (e.g dinner) on a personalised calendar. The recipes themselves also have complicated calculation inbuilt that allow quick conversion between imperial and metric units and also serving sizes. Each recipe also has an interactive rating system, which allows users to share their thoughts on recipes.”
– Nathan Rosandich, Developer

“At the outset of the web design work, we started with a brand refresh. We went through a few alternatives and decided to go with a simple wordmark based on the Archer Typeface which we carried throughout the site. We developed a colour system and selected primaries that we would use for various elements. We wanted the searching and filtering of recipes to be a simple affair so we opted for a checkbox sidebar filter system which worked great and easily allows you to find that gluten-free meal of your choice. One of the blessings when working on a food website is seeing all the mouthwatering meals!”
– Louis Coyle, Designer

“El Gusto was a dynamic, exciting project to work on for me. Not only did we develop the brand with the website but I got to work on the go-to-market strategy, which included a video story and targeted email newsletter campaign. From a design perspective it was a visually pleasing site (gorgeous food photos) and functionally it was a complex, evolving project, but Nate managed it very well and delivered on time and on budget. We look forward to developing the platform further, to extend its usefulness past just providing recipes.”
– George Miller, Managing Director