Recently, Mogul proudly launched the Hustler sprayer configuration page which allows users to visually choose different sprayers using Hustler’s unlimited combination of options. This page was designed and developed based on Hustler’s unique criteria and allows users to customise every part of their sprayer using visually engaging tabs and sliders. Users can then send their customised sprayer unit to their nearest Hustler outlet or authorised dealer where the unit will be made to meet all specifications. This configuration page is a key website resource not only for users, but also for Hustler’s authorised dealers and Hustler outlets by taking the next step in bringing farm technologies and the world wide web together.


And now, a quick word from the team who worked on this project:

“We built the whole system to be extremely flexible allowing Hustler to have complete control over what options and prices are available and also what customer and dealers see. In conjunction with Hubspot integration it allows Hustler to manage their customers’ personalised sprayer configurations.”
– Nathan Rosandich, Web Developer

“It was great fun developing this UX for Hustler. It’s a customisable and really easy-to-use sprayer configurator.”
– Louis Coyle, Designer

“When you work with a client for as long as we have worked with Hustler Equipment, you get to know the business and the product pretty well. So when Brent came to talk to us about an idea to build a ‘do it yourself’ sprayer order form, we had solved it about an hour and a half later! The result – a simple, intuitive and functional configurator that is delivering actual orders to Hustler and their authorised dealers.”
– George Miller, Managing Director

Head over to the Hustler site to experience the Sprayer configuration page for yourself!