Hi I’m Louis, UI/UX Designer and Front End Developer, my job is to listen and create engaging experiences for our clients and users.


It’s pretty hard to describe a typical day at Mogul because everyday is kinda different, but I’ll tell you the types of things I do and some of the tools I use.

Soooo… I jump out of bed, have a shower, wake up my son and have a morning wrestle trying to get him dressed, have breakfast, drop him off at kindy and get to work hopefully not too late, grab a coffee and sidle into a morning WIP (work in progress) meeting.

WIP Meeting

We chat about projects and see what’s scheduled for the day. We use Trello for scheduling tasks but were always exploring new ways to make things work better.


After WIP I usually get through some emails and log some time with WorkflowMax. We use this to track time on tasks in each project so they don’t get out of hand and it’s easy to see where time is spent.

Quoting + Scoping

When new projects come in, I sit down with the Account Manager and a Developer and we nut out the scope of the work and how much time things would generally take. Sometimes they’re quite big projects and we have to think through different ways of going about things or they can be pretty straight forward.


At my desk I use a PC (WHAAAAT?), I own a MacBook as well but prefer a PC workstation because I find my workflow to be a little more snappy in a windows space. I use a Wacom tablet, mainly because I find it faster than a mouse.


Wireframing starts with a meeting with the Account Manager, we talk about the project and what pages would need to be laid out, the user-flow through the site and some brand considerations that might impinge on a design. I then open up Illustrator and draw up some basic, blocky wireframes I think will work for then upload them to InVision, I go over them with the Developer and the Account Manager and make revisions. Once were happy we send them to the client.


Checking in with Anita

Anita’s a recent graduate and started working here not too long ago, I try to check in with her throughout the day and see how she’s getting on, see if she needs any help or advice, usually not. She’s a trooper!


We started skipping the whole Photoshop/sketch concepts for general website builds after responsive wave of 2012 and started going straight into templating HTML/CSS. Nowadays the initial build process happens with a custom framework and we use that as a base canvas from which to design from.


I use Sublime Text with the Material Theme, WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator to design up a working page template, if i’m just working on the homepage first off then we send that to the client for review. Then get onto the rest.

There’s always lots of new challenges and different ways of doing things which is part of the fun. I’m looking forward to working on Strea.ma next year, it’s our social wall product and I haven’t had time to work on it lately.


Aaaand when it’s Friday, we have beers in the afternoon, whoop!