First up in our ‘a day in the life of’ series is Nate. He shares with us what a typical day in and outside of the Mogul office is like for him.

As a developer at Mogul, I can be working on multiple projects during a day. Everything from simple image updates or domain name changes to full project builds or working on This all start with our daily WIP meeting where everyone catches up on all Moguls ongoing projects over a cup of coffee. This is also where anyone can voice new ideas or updates to old. What I really like is that everybody’s ideas are acknowledged and discussed and everyone feels safe to voice them.

At Mogul the work environment is very collaborative with multiple people often working on the same projects and having input on project directions. As a senior developer I am often tasked with breaking down a clients (and Designers) pie in the sky ideas and ensuring that they are feasible and will work technically. I love finding solutions to these challenges and seeing them built by the end of a project.

Recently I have worked on some really interesting projects such as the Fruition client area, where Fruition’s agricultural sensors in the field upload data directly to the website and clients can login and view up to date data about their crops. I have also worked on the El Gusto Global website which is a repository for their subscribed members to upload and share recipes, and to plan out events.

One of my roles is to manage the development production. is a real-time display for social media updates and photos from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Because this app is a live streaming tool for major events it can not have any unplanned outages. This requires a lot of fore planning and managing of our production process to release new features and fix any bugs. Using great tools such as JIRA, Beanstalk, AWS and Raygun makes this a lot easier, also having great developers work on it ensure a high level of code and release cycles.

One of the many reasons I find Mogul such a great place to work at is also the location. Living and working in the Havelock North village allows me walk to and from work in less then 15 mins. With a young family this means I can get home early and spend quality time with which is often with a trip up Te Mata Peak! Working in Havelock North also means I can see my favourite kebab store, Kilim for lunch.


Above: Nate and his family taking on Te Mata Peak

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