As a component of our one of our Xero Partner packages, Mogul also does the brand design work as part of the website project.  We love it when clients come to us with a brief which includes brand design work, either a refresh or an establishment of a new brand.

The Mogul design team loves unleashing their creative sides! This allows us to gain an intimate understanding and involvement with the website development right from the heart of what the brand stands for, the key messages of the our clients businesses and their target markets. This feeds into the design work for website wireframes, establishing layout of content, the concept where the look and feel is established and bought to life, right through to the final live website.

Atkinsons Consulting Limited Is a Gold Xero partner firm based in York, England. Atkinsons are friendly, approachable, and passionate technologists. Their existing brand was a bit outdated and didn’t appropriately represent the culture of the business. After a thorough planning session we discovered a new and clear positioning for Atkinsons – “Success is Attitude – Built on numbers that matter, and solutions that deliver.”


These insights gave us a foundation for our design work to begin and the first step was to deliver a mood board based on this rationale. This mood board illustrates refined but personable designs and photography styles which suit the Atkinsons brand perfectly.

Clean and creative messaging will help people understand the “we make it happen” attitude the company holds. Bright colours with high contrast and simple geometric patterns can been used in creative ways to make these minimalistic compositions more engaging and personable.




Based on the team at Atkinson’s feedback we then went on to design 3 logo concepts which reflected the mood board themes. We offered 3 completely different alternatives, in 3 different colourways.

Option 1 The first is a dominating san-serif typeface which has a clean and consistent line weight to create a strong foundation. A strong geometric “K” letter-form helps create a unique identity. The font all in caps was used to create a strong positioning following with the finesse of the word consulting. The gold line added the finishing touch.


Option 2 This serif logo has clean flowing lines with strong vertical stress. The custom “ki” ligature and organic “speech bubble” symbol to create an engaging composition.

Option 3 An “A” symbol is used to compliment the thin san-serif typeface below it. The contrast of the bright red and white help balance the composition and give it some vibrancy.


Option 1 was then selected so we moved on to further refine and develop it from there with layout options and  colour schemes.



Based on these final refinements the Atkinsons team were then provided with a comprehensive brand gudielines document including primary colourways, icons, dont’s and alternatives, primary and secondary colour palette and typography and examples. This is important as the brand work needs to work both on and offline.



So there you have it, that is how the Atkinson’s brand was developed!