September 22, 2014

MoB Consulting

The last six months we have worked very closely with the team from Matrix on Board. MoB is an organisation based in Australia who enable non-profits to adapt to change, build potential and have a positive enduring impact. They have a deep knowledge of how to build the capacity of non-profits and support all sector stakeholders.

We’re thrilled to announce the following sites/landing pages are all live –  Matrix on Board GroupMatrix on Board Consulting, Accounting for Good and BoardEffect.

Most of all our client is rapt with the job we have done;

It’s been great working with Mogul as the whole team were prompt about getting back to us as well as completing the work in a timely manner. Their ability to meet our ever changing demand as well as to carefully listen and give thoughtful advice throughout the process were definitely a plus. The websites have exceeded all our expectations and they did an amazing job of making our vision come to life! I would highly recommend Mogul!

Marta Barberini