Nukor Industries Limited


Founded in 2006,  Nukor specialises in providing energy efficient products and solutions for industrial, marine and domestic applications. We are proud to announce we have just launched the new website for Nukor.

As you can see, the site has a cool video background and we created a really flexible grid framework that makes it easy for the client to manage the layout themselves. And it’s built on WordPress so it’s easy for Nukor to manage the content.

The Nukor team is very happy with the final result. This is what Sam Peacocke had to say about the experience:

“The three most important things have been firstly that our collaboration with Mogul has been very quick, clear and open. This may not sound like much but our experience with other web companies has not been anywhere near as efficient and open as working with Mogul. The second is that Mogul were flexible with the scope and were happy to build the site from a rough design base (rather than having to do the whole thing) but then improved this base immeasurably throughout the build, the failings in the initial design were never treated as “not our problem” but rather were just fixed without any struggle. Again, this was something unique about your approach. The third and by far the most important has been George’s sense of humour throughout!

“We now have a great web presence that we are able to easily maintain and grow ourselves as the business grows. The user interface of the management side has been really well set up and is incredibly easy to use. Despite all of this it was a surprisingly affordable process.

I am already telling lots of people about how great it was working with Mogul. The main thing is that they “own” the project and this sense of responsibility combined with the ease of collaboration is actually pretty rare. Being in Havelock is a total non-issue and in fact Mogul’s responsiveness is faster than most companies here in Auckland!”