HUGE congratulations to Maggie, Rakele and the team at Lumsden Kindergarten for their big win last night at the Hawke’s Bay Business Awards.

Lumsden have been a much-loved client of ours for four years. Our girls went there so we knew how amazing it was, and how online could really help them to connect with their current families, but also their prospective families.

One of the ways we encouraged Lumsden to do this was to share the day-to-day stories, what the children had been up to, who had visited, what they had made etc etc No-one was more delighted than one of the childrens grandmother’s who lived in France. Now she could see what fun her grandchild was having!

Since then Lumsden has continued to be curious about online and embrace the new technologies that have emerged to enhance their online offerings. This was the second year Lumsden entered and all the learnings and improvements in the past year have really paid off!

This is what Lumsden had to say:

It was a fantastic evening and I would like to extend a big thank you to Mogul who not only encouraged us to enter last year but are the company who created our website.

This is what the judges had to say:

The judges were so impressed with the way Lumsden Kindergarten have incorporated technology into their high quality early childhood education centre. Ipads and Iphones are used to track the development and activities of the children with images and comments uploaded to their secure internet site regularly so that parents and approved family members and friends can log on to see what is happening with their child while they are at work. The children help to create the entries too which develops their technological skills further.
Lumsden also use their website to tell families about upcoming activities to keep them up to date and to ensure that the children arrive with the right equipment on the right day.
Maggie and Rakelle run a tight ship with the assistance of their friendly, qualified team and it is clear that the children in their care adore them and love to be there. A calmer early childhood care facility would be difficult to find with merry children buzzing around the paths and climbing the trees while playing together beautifully. Congratulations on your well-deserved win Lumsden Kindergarten.

We concur!

This also happens to be the second year in a row where a Mogul client has won this award with 3R Group Agrecovery winning last year – whoop whoop!