It’s party time at Mogul as we prepare to turn 5 in August. It’s a pretty exciting milestone for us!

We work in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving so it’s always interesting to look back and reflect. If you’ve been into our office recently, you would have noticed our ‘History of the Internet’ timeline which Louie designed.

It maps out key points in the history of the Internet and we’ll be adding to it this year with the latest digital milestones, including Mogul’s 5th birthday.

We’ve seen a lot come and go and we’re also always looking for innovative ways to help our clients.

Mostly, we’re seeing everything shift to digital.

We’re focussing a lot of energy into refining our strategic direction and showing why Mogul is so much more than just a ‘one stop website shop’. So you’ll be hearing some exciting things from us over the next few months!


Matt, George and the team at Mogul

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