Hi all

We hope you had some time off over Christmas and New Year and that you’ve had a good start to the year.

Mogul has had a great start to the year, our team has been flat out on all sorts of projects and we continue to meet really switched-on people who are keen to apply some ‘Smarter Thinking Online’ to improve their businesses.

There’s been a definite change of vibe this year. All the buzz last year was about ‘social’ and ‘mobile’. So far this year, it’s all about ‘going transactional’, i.e. online shops and payment systems. And no wonder. You can spend all day updating your Facebook page and playing around on Twitter but social media alone ain’t gonna pay the bills – unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg.

Here’s a wake-up call from Price Waterhouse Coopers:

“According to new research by PwC and Frost & Sullivan, online shopping increased to NZ$2.68 billion in 2011, an increase of 12% from 2010.

Online shopping, both locally and offshore, is expected to grow at least twice as fast in comparison to the total retail market in New Zealand and Australia over the next four years.”

So we’re especially excited to be working with Redcurrent, a Hawke’s Bay-based homewares and gifts retailer with ten stores nationwide. This year we’ll be helping Rebecca, Audrey and the team at Redcurrent ‘go transactional‘  – which George thinks you ladies will be excited to hear!

Anyway back to the F-word… Facebook looks like it’s here to stay, and if your business has a page on Facebook, read on for some important news about a major change that’s about to happen this weekend.


Matt, George, and the team at Mogul

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Mogul March 2012 newsletter