What a mad couple of weeks it’s been in the digital world.

The Playstation security breach has been a massive embarrassment to Sony. It looks like the personal data of over 20 million people has been stolen, along with another 80 million who may have had their credit card details leaked. Lawsuits are sure to follow and Sony’s reputation has probably suffered irreparable damage.

If you’re taking payments online, the moral of the story here is “Don’t EVER store your customers’ credit card details on your own system”. Outsource it to someone with better security than you, like a bank.

It also raises a very unsettling question –

“What if Facebook got hacked in the same way tomorrow?”

Or today. Facebook users are being told to change their passwords because 100,000 Facebook applications have accidentally been leaking private data for years. Dodgy!

Facebook has over 600 million users, so imagine if hackers gained access to everything anyone has ever put on Facebook. All the data about your friendships, ‘likes’, relationship status, etc. Not good.

Come to think of it, the owners of Facebook have already got access to all of that stuff…. ? Let’s hope they don’t abuse our trust.

And last but not least, Microsoft have just bought Skype, the free Internet phone business, for US$8 billion. That is a lot of cash (you could completely rebuild Christchurch with it). Let’s hope they don’t ruin Skype. We love Skype.


How to write for the web – the easy way

On the web, you are what you publish. Your written content is often the most important thing a potential client has to judge your company.

We know that content is king and you need to be publishing new content regularly, otherwise you will sink down the Google rankings and your competitors with their fresh content will rise above you.

It’s never been easier to create your own content online. Nearly all of our clients have a content-managed website or a blog, and a large number have Facebook pages too, but most people get very nervous about publishing content online because they don’t know the ‘rules’.

So how do you write content that…

  • people want to read?
  • people want to share with their friends?
  • makes people take action?
  • is easy to find in search engines?

Read on and I’ll give you some advice we’ve learned over the last ten years.



For those of you who think that amalgamation is a pipe dream, we’re showing that Hastings and Napier can work together – on digital marketing projects anyway.

We’re really pleased to be working closely with Andy and the Tracta team over in Napier.

  • We’re rethinking NZCU’s approach to digital marketing.
  • We’re working with The Institute of Accredited Business Consultants NZ to strengthen their online presence.
  • And there are other exciting projects and campaigns we’re collaborating on that we hope to share with you next month.

Current Mogul Projects

On the go at the moment…

We’re flat out at the moment with a wide range of work, helping a wide range of clients with some cool strategic initiatives.

  • We’re really enjoying working with EIT using digital to encourage more potential students to come along to their Info Day.
  • And we’re are delighted to be working with Hawke’s Bay Tourism and Hastings District Council to develop their digital marketing strategies, and were fortunate to be able to attend a strategy workshop this week with a number of Hawke’s Bay’s leading digital people, as well as David Simmons, Air New Zealand’s General Manager Online & Leisure, and Pat Verryt, Web Manager at newzealand.com.
  • We are doing more work for the The New Zealand Human Rights Commission, RDCL, Grieve Diamond Jeweller, Homeworx and Wineworks and we welcome GrowHR, the Hawke’s Bay Maori Business Network, Oil Imports, Wellies.co.nz, Chris Patterson and Taradale High School to the Mogul stable.
  • Working from our office here in Hawke’s Bay doesn’t stop us from doing work out of region. We’re currently doing work for 3 customers in Auckland, one in Christchurch, one in Wellington, one in Dunedin, one in Canada – and one in London!
  • We’re designing the website for the New Zealand Gala Fundraiser. This is an exclusive black-tie event held at the Savoy Hotel in London on July 5. Neil Finn will play a private concert, Sean Fitzpatrick and Zinzan Brooke are going to be waiting table, and it’s hoped the event will raise 100,000 pounds for earthquake relief in Christcurch.

Words of wisdom

Really smart thinking

Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.
– Confucius, 450 B.C.

Until next time, keep your eyes firmly on the data!

The Team at Mogul