A preview of a Mogul newsletter

Email newsletters are really great. If you don’t believe me, read my earlier blog post about email marketing.

But you need people to sign up to receive them, and it can be really hard to convince someone to sign up for something they can’t preview.

Here are four reasons why an email preview is good…

  • The reader will be more likely to sign up if they can see how good your content is.
  • A well-presented HTML newsletter is part of your brand and showcases your quality.
  • The reader won’t be surprised when your newsletter arrives in their inbox. They might even be looking forward to it.
  • If your reader is reading last month’s newsletter, then you’re getting an extra reader for free. They might even buy something or contact you on the strength of the newsletter preview alone.

It’s easy to create a preview of your newsletter. I usually make a screenshot of the current newsletter and upload this image to the newsletter signup page of the website, and I also place a link to the online version of the newsletter on the signup page too.