Mobile devices continue to be the big technology news, and Apple is desperate to keep its place at the front of the pack in this frenetic race,

I’m slightly depressed and annoyed to hear the rumours that Apple is about to launch its iPhone 5. I’ve only just bought an iPhone 4!

The new phone may (or may not) have the following features:

  • facial recognition
  • NFC – a technology which enables mobile payments (your phone will take the place of your credit card or EFT-POS card)
  • streaming music from the Cloud – so you don’t need to download all your music onto your phone
  • really smart voice control and search
  • full 1080p high-definition video
  • multi-core processor for better performance and longer battery life

Even worse, the iPad 2 is expected to be announced any day now – and there’s even talk of the iPad 3 being released before the end of the year.

Are you planning to buy an iPhone or an iPad soon – or are you going to wait until the new versions come along? Or are you going to go the Android route? Or Windows? Or Blackberry? Or (heaven forbid) go old-school and get a Nokia?