Raisey’s manufactures and sells sports nutrition products from its website and through a retailer network.

Raisey’s enlisted our help to develop a digital marketing strategic plan, rolling out during 2010, to raise the profile of the business, to generate more sales and to increase market share, both in New Zealand and overseas.

The digital marketing plan included:

  • Refreshing the design of the Raisey’s website and reviewing its content.
  • Social media strategies, including use of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Linking to and from other websites, blogs, and social media sites.
  • Email newsletter and promotional campaigns to targeted groups.
  • Monitoring, measurement, and analysis of the results and making adjustments to plans and processes.

We were looking for an upgrade from our existing website and it was soon clear we needed a brand new site from scratch. We wanted to keep our business local and looked at several options and narrowed it down to two. Cost was a major factor and so was flexibility. Mogul came out on top in both instances.

The most important thing we wanted with our new website was the ability to make changes ourselves quickly and easily. It had to be simple as I had almost zero experience in anything with the word “web” attached. Mogul chose and provided us with a system that suits us to the ground. It’s simple, easy to change, and functional for our requirements specifically.

Working with Mogul has been excellent on several levels.
1. Our site works brilliantly and we get many comments on it.
2. I am now much more “educated” on websites and Digital Marketing Strategies.
3. Mogul have given us great personal service and have been proactive in keeping us on top of developments and trends.

In business today, good relationships are as important as ever. I feel that Raiseys Original Sports Nutrition have really benefited by choosing Mogul as a partner. They are a friendly and professional team and not only have they helped us with our website etc. but have opened other doors and networks for us outside what you would normally expect. I can recommend Mogul to anyone who wants to start an online business or anyone who is looking to expand, develop or evolve what they already have.