Streama at Xerocon Auckland 2014

Streama at Xerocon Auckland 2014

We’re happy to announce that is now officially out of beta. That means the trial phase of the product is complete. We’ve made a great deal of modifications to while it’s been in beta based on the feedback of hundreds of users, and the product is now really solid and lightning-fast.

Even though has been in beta, it’s been featured at:

• The Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards
• Five Xerocon conferences and a series of roadshows
• Massey University’s “Defining Excellence” awards ceremony
• CORE Education’s Ulearn, New Zealand’s biggest education event
• and many more.

And it’s even been nominated for 2 innovation awards (and won one of them!)

But what does this mean for you?

Now that we’re out of beta, the most important change has been to increase the functionality of the trial version. Before you purchase, you can now try it for a month with unlimited platforms and feeds. Yes, that’s right: you can create a trial stream with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all combined together!

Start your free trial here.

And if you’ve been using a limited free trial, you’ll find that you’ve now got a full-featured trial!

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at