Last week our cool new product was used by Auckland’s Social Media Club at a music industry event at Vodafone HQ. Hundreds of people attended and was the star of the show!


Amar Trivedi posted a write up of the event here at Admedia Magazine:

Amar wrote:

There’s a saying in social media circles: The smartest person in the room … is the room. At most events these days, a tweet wall is common. At #smcakl, the tweetstream beamed out from many screens – the unseen guest with the liveliest (and wittiest) voice in the room.

A genuine, unfiltered display of community engagement in real-time, the #smcakl hash feed is a merry mix of intelligent tweets on topic, social media commentary, random rants and whacky humour… – you’ve been warned! is still officially in beta and we’re now allowing users to set up an account.

If you’re keen to have a play with it (or you know someone who is) you can set up your account by going to

We would really appreciate feedback and bug reports.