St Andrews Limes are a great local company who came to us in search of an easy to use online shopping site. They wanted their customers to have a seamless shopping experience, and needed a straightforward process for their team processing the orders at the other end.

During our initial planning meeting with St Andrews Limes the project grew to include a new website design. Designing a new website at the same time as the shop means both have the same fresh look and feel.

So at the beginning of March we launched their fantastic new one page website and online shop which uses the Big Cartel platform. The focus of the website is on the beautiful products and keeping customers in touch with the latest news and specials.

St Andrews Limes were new to the website development process, so we worked out a plan for a website and shop that they could easily manage and update, to ensure it was a positive addition to their business, rather than creating more work!

We think the final product represents their brand really well. You should check it out and perhaps do some shopping while you’re there!