We worked on this project with Auckland agency Assignment Group. The Beehive Bacon Craft Series website needed to showcase the recently released Craft Series product range.

Following the scamp given, the packaging was very image heavy so we needed to keep the image filesizes down to a tolerable amount. We used a JQuery slider to navigate the range and used a lot of new CSS3 features including rounded corner boxes, drop shadows and rotation effects to bring the package out on the range pages. These technical features work best in the newer browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.5 and IE9 but we’ve made sure they degrade gracefully in older browsers.

As a large Auckland agency we were interested to see how Mogul would manage our project. We were thrilled with their delivery in all respects. Their thinking, the design they applied, their thorough project management skills and timely delivery was outstanding. But most of all the team is an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ll certainly continue to give them our business. Our clients are so happy with the service they’re already giving Mogul more work, direct!

– Jo Wealleans, Assignment Group