John Hutchinson is a consultant who works in two fields (business consulting and property) that he needed to incorporate into one website – so the challenge was to present the information for both in a very straight-forward way so as not to confuse his visitors.

He also writes articles, so a blog was the perfect solution.

When I went to Mogul I wanted to have a professional looking website that I could direct people to that would give them a better understanding of what value I was able to add to clients and the various areas that I work in. I wanted it to be easy not only for people to navigate, but also for me to add and change content when I needed to. Mogul were able to deliver on all those points.

I especially valued they way they took the time to listen to what I wanted, what I liked and didn’t like in a website and how I wanted my information to be presented.  By listening to me in the early stages made the build fairly low stress and easy (from my perspective).

People quite often comment favourably on my website, the presentation, layout and content and I know some clients use the information contained in the various pages on an on-going basis when they are looking at completing various tasks within their business.   Mogul has also designed my email newsletter which goes out on a bi-monthly basis.    Initially I tried to send the newsletter out myself, but I soon became aware that I was better to create the content and let Mogul take care of the technical side of things.   This has meant my time is better utilised and the newsletter goes out when it needs to.

If you want a web company that listens to you, has a hands on practical approach to business, is easy to deal with and ‘gets’ what you are trying to achieve with your on-line solutions then I’d suggest you contact the team at Mogul.   When I was looking at my on-line options Mogul weren’t the first company I approached, but they won the job simply because I could see how easy they could make the whole process (and they did).

– John Hutchinson, Director, Plan A Consulting