It’s a bit of a tough one – people think they are doing their clients a favour by offering user logins – but are they actually a barrier to sales?

What is a user-login?

That is when you create a login name and password, put your details in once, and the system remembers them the next time you log in.

Ok – sounds good, so what’s the catch?

The catch is that no-one can ever remember their passwords! So inevitably they by-pass the user-login feature and enter their details in every time they purchase.

Case Study:

Tom Ormond from Hawthorne Coffee wanted to offer user-logins to his clients to make it easy for them to order, especially since many ordered on a weekly basis. He received feedback from his clients that they preferred not to use that feature, so we made some minor tweaks to the process and Tom has seen a rapid increase in sales ever since.

So do I need a user-login feature, or not?

Our biggest concern is that a user-login feature acts as a barrier – which means that you might be missing out on sales – not good. The fact is that people have sooooo many passwords to remember – do they really want one more from your shop? Probably not.

If in doubt – no user-logins makes sense to us.