We’re really proud to announce the launch of Fruitbowl, an online community for Hawke’s Bay businesses.

Rod Drury, CEO of Xero, approached us with the idea of connecting Hawke’s Bay businesses online so we jumped at the chance to be involved! We’re thrilled with the way the site has turned out and the feedback we have received has been awesome.

Fruitbowl is a place for Hawke’s Bay businesses to share their stories and build a community, to encourage business opportunities, friendships and attract other smart people to Hawke’s Bay.

Hence the idea of Fruitbowl – fresh ideas from Hawke’s Bay! Fruitbowl provides a forum for discussion across a number of categories, including :

  • Hawke’s Bay People
  • Infrastructure
  • Lifestyle
  • Success Stories
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Food and Wine
  • Random Thoughts

Big thanks to Rod Drury from Xero who had the vision, got the ball rolling, and continues to keep the ball rolling.

And a really big thanks to Fruitbowl’s other foundation sponsors, for sharing the vision and seeing the potential for the region:

  • ABC Software
  • Airnet
  • Cucumber Software
  • Need a Nerd
  • No 9
  • Riot Recruitment
  • Xero

Anyone in the Bay, or with an affinity for the Bay, is welcome to join the conversation.

Fruitbowl is a great opportunity for you to raise the profile of your business. We live in a great place. By working together, sharing stories and experiences we can make it even better!

So visit Fruitbowl and get involved today. We’ve had a lot of fun building it and we’re sure that you will have a lot of fun using it!