As the Forbes survey mentioned in the previous post found, email marketing is the second-most effective way to generate conversions, such as a sale.

There are some great reasons to use email marketing:

  1. an email newsletter offers tremendous ‘bang for your buck’ when communicating directly with your clients. You save on time, printing and mailing costs
  2. an email newsletter enhances your company’s reputation and increases lead generation
  3. unlike offline advertising methods, an email newsletter system provides instantaneous trackable results
  4. an email newsletter allows your visitors to easily and immediately interact with you and for you to promote dialogue with your clients
  5. our system quickly identifies undeliverables so you can correct them and resend them immediately
  6. an email newsletter campaign increases the lifetime value of your clients

So, if you haven’t got an email newsletter campaign underway, what can you do today to get the ball rolling?

Well, you could start by getting in touch with us. We’ll help you set up an e-marketing campaign that fits with your needs and your budget, and delivers real results.