Renae Routley delves into the mind of front-end web designer Louis Coyle


Who are you and what is your official title here at Mogul?

I’m Louie, or Louis…whichever one. I’m ‘Lead Visual, UX, UI designer and Front End Developer’… or just “the colouring-in department” as some like to say!

How long have you been hanging out at Mogul for?

I’ve been at Mogul since the beginning of time, just after they started. I had worked with Matt at a previous job and he asked me If I would like some contract design work, so I moved up in the world and to their kitchen table 🙂

How have you seen yourself grow over the past 5 years?

I’m forever learning new things in the design and dev department and being a dad always gives you nice little challenges. I’m hoping to grow my beard longer than I previously have so… I suppose that’s growth 😛

What is your favourite design shortcut? Mine is Command-Z (undo)!

Ahhh the staple Ctrl+Z! My favourite Photoshop one is CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S (Save for web), and in Chrome: CTRL+SHIFT+T (Open previously closed tab).

What is the best thing about living & working in Hawkes Bay?

Having everything in such a close proximity is great. Summer is pretty good in the Bay too. 🙂

And finally, if you won Lotto this weekend what would you do with it?

1. Get an attorney.

2. Decide to take the lump sum.

3. Decide how much to give to family and friends.

4. Turn down all offers from investment managers.

5. Set up a fund or a trust with low fees.

6. Change my postal address to a PO Box.

7. Finally blow the rest on hookers and … (jokes).

I’d get a nice piece of land with trees on it, a couple of hectares overlooking the beach then design and build my dream house. Then I would think about going back to work, but probably just do a world trip and then become an eccentric recluse looking into the occult mysteries of the universe.

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