Mogul started working with Gemco in 2008 and we were stoked to be chosen to work on the new website 8 years later.

Gemco_2 Gemco_3 Gemco_1 Gemco_4

We love working with clients from around the world, but we especially love working with iconic Hawke’s Bay clients like Gemco. Gemco is a professional construction company with proven experience in the delivery of complex multi-million dollar projects. Gemco came to George asking for a ‘next-level’ online experience.

They wanted to be ‘wowed’ and they wanted their clients to be wowed too, so George pulled together the dream team of Black Dog Design and video production agency Indelible to deliver the winning pitch.

Here’s a quick word from Louis Coyle, Mogul’s designer and front-end developer, who was also greatly involved in the pitch:

“Pitching for Gemco was a fun little exercise. I created some interactive mockups displaying some navigational usability ideas and Dan from Indelible was able to put these into the end result video”.

Things are only warming up around here so watch this space!