Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good Xmas/New Year and that 2014 has started well for you.

We’ve got some really interesting export work on the go for clients in Australia, the UK, and Southeast Asia, and we’ve made a couple of really great hires. Andy and Rebecca (Bex) have joined the team in the last couple of weeks and have slotted in nicely already.

The focus this year for digital marketing is experimentation. We’ve all got access to the most amazing arsenal of marketing tools the world has even seen; now it’s time to use them and have some fun! So try something; if it doesn’t work – try something else.

On a poignant note, we’re sad to announce that we’re closing down Fruitbowl.co.nz, a Hawke’s Bay business networking site we set up with a group of like-minded companies in 2009.

But on the bright side, we have an exciting new inhouse project that we’re looking forward to unveiling soon…

Cheers Matt

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