Back when the internet was still young and before social media was known about, email marketing was the number 1 online marketing tool used by businesses. Fast forward to the present and it would seem that email marketing is no longer front of mind.

Why is that? Well, as the internet has grown so too has the availability of new digital marketing channels. These days we are told to invest our time and money in social media, SEO, AdWords, display marketing, remarketing……all of which have their place in the marketing mix. However,  recent research conducted by Litmus shows our old faithful – email marketing – is still king. Litmus tracked over 13 billion email opens worldwide and discovered email marketing was found to be the second-most effective way to generate enquiries or sales behind SEO. The research also showed that an email newsletter campaign increases the lifetime value of your clients and is the preferred form of communication with 72% of interviewees saying they preferred email over any other channel. Regular contact via email newsletters is a great way to keep your brand ‘top of mind’ with customers, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase from you again. Email marketing has come a long way with email newsletter systems now providing real-time trackable engagement metrics, like open rate, click % and unsubscribe rates. When you insert links to your site (in your email), your readers are easily directed to the relevant information on your website. Consumers are also changing the way they view emails, with 55% of all ‘email opens’ completed on a mobile device. This emphasises the importance of developing an email marketing campaign that looks just as good on a mobile device, as on a desktop. We can help! Let Mogul help you set up a mobile friendly,  email marketing campaign that fits with your specific needs and delivers real bottom line business value. Check out some recent examples of the newsletters we’ve created for our clients. Email us for more info at or call us direct on +64 6 877 7478