Just over a year ago I was writing a blog post to introduce myself as the new Account Executive for Mogul, and now I’m about to leave for Sydney with a year of awesome experience behind me.

I remember when I first sat down at Mogul my initial thought was ‘What am I doing? I have absolutely no idea about the web world, apart from knowing my way around Facebook and Yahoo mail.’

As it turned out my initial thought was 100% correct, and I had a lot to learn!

So that was exactly what I did. Day in day out I would sit and listen to all of the team discussions which regarded new website projects, EDM sendouts, bugs, content loading and so on. I would jot down lots of notes, tips, and reminders (I am now on my third A4 notebook, which gives you an idea of exactly how many notes, haha) and always asked questions.

Since the day Matt said something like ‘Don’t worry if you f— something up. It can always be fixed. it’s really not the end of the world’ I wasn’t afraid to give something a go. He said this to me in my first week and I will never forget it. He’s so right – if you don’t make mistakes you can’t learn from them.

I must have made many mistakes because I have learnt a lot in the last year, haha. I feel much more confident in doing what I do e.g. customer service, project management , content loading and the financial side of things. It’s great – I just come in to the office in the morning and get on with what needs to be done!

I can’t say enough how very grateful I am to the team here at Mogul – Matt, George, Chris, Louie and Tia. You have taken the time out to teach me new things, which has helped me some way or another to get me to where I am today and I cannot thank you enough. You’re an amazing and talented team who I am going to miss very much!

I would also just like to say a special thanks to Matt and George for having faith in me from the beginning. I understand taking on a graduate can be risky and also very challenging but we got there without too many major hiccups and we’re all still smiling.

Moving overseas isn’t so daunting when you know you have some really great experience behind you, and I’m super excited to start my next adventure. So, thanks again for everything!

Wishing Mogul all the best in the future and Sarah a warm welcome to the team,