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World of Wearable Art

The World of WearableArt, otherwise known as WOW, is arguably the most significant arts event on the New Zealand calendar. We were delighted to partner with such a creative and world-class event held right here in New Zealand.

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Down the rabbit hole

The world of WOW feels very much like Alice’s Wonderland. The colour, the textures and the bizarreness of it all is what makes WOW so special. The challenge was to make sure the WOW personality was reflected on the website with the usability staying clean & simple for their diverse – but if we’re being honest – traditionally older target audience.

Improved usability

Not only did WOW want us to re-design and develop the website, but they also wanted a more integrated ticketing and registration system that had as much love and care as the rest of the site.

Bringing it to life

We started with 3 different design styles in order to direct our efforts. The first was a ‘minimalist focus’, the second was ‘colour on colour’, and the third being a spotlight on patterns and textures to accentuate the outfits. Once the client agreed on a minimalist approach, so we developed some web components in order to see how the style might be used across the website in various places.

Bright and bold colours were chosen to carry that playfulness from the photography onto the page which was also accentuated by using motion on some UI elements to enhance those micro interactions.

Making it work

The online store component was built using WooCommerce, a native WordPress e-commerce solution. This gave us full flexibility when customising the store’s design and function to ensure it matched the rest of the site.

We worked alongside a 3rd party developer to address current issues with each of these systems to give their users a more accessible and intuitive experience, whilst also adopting the current process of which their users are accustomed to.

During the WOW project, we also implemented a members-only section for media outlets to sign up and receive members-only information. Creating this system through WordPress meant that WOW could control and access everything all through the one integrated system, making life much easier for them.

Record sales

Shortly after launching the team at WOW achieved a record sales day in February 2016 – well-done team! We are thrilled to still be receiving updates from the team and look forward to continuing to work with them and their glorious rebellion against the mundane.

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