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When Josh and Eyal from Property Matrix asked us to create their new website we were thrilled. We love their application. What is Property Matrix? They provide user-friendly online solutions for property managers and owners. It’s no surprise that they are growing fast.

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We were excited when we found out that we were going to be working with these two young entrepreneurs based out of L.A., and even more delighted that they have very high standards and wanted nothing short of awesome. Other than being home-owners, none of us really had much knowledge about property management so our initial meeting was really about asking the right questions – understanding their goals, the market and the application.

Starting with the basics

Since the current site was created before the days of responsive design the first thing on our list was to raise the site up to current web standards. Property managers often find themselves away from their desks, so getting the mobile experience right was another biggy. This meant low page load and getting the key information up quickly.

UX & Design

Working closely with the guys from L.A., we developed flexible and future-proofed wireframes that focused on providing them with lots of layer options which can be used to build any variations of templates based on content requirements. The client was very happy with our approach and the structure and layout, so we quickly moved into design & prototyping.

‘Easy to use’ is a big selling point for Property Matrix. They wanted to display their application being used from smart devices and show off some of the touch features developed such as document signing. Interesting angles and a light touch of animation helped to lift the in-situ examples from the rest of the content and add a bit of movement to the page.

Photography can always be an issue – especially when you’re selling software. We wanted to avoid cheesy stock images so we designed a suite of illustrations that quickly convey the message of the accompanying copy, and are also a great way to inject a bit of playfulness – often hard to achieve through photography of properties.


As you may have guessed, Property Matrix has their own in house software team. Because they were so busy working on their own application they couldn’t do the build for their marketing site, but were still keen to be involved in the process. So we decided to work in an Agile approach – allowing a high level of collaboration between their team and ours – without them actually having to do any of the heavy-lifting. Breaking the development and functionality into sprints also allowed them to review and refine as the project progressed, and make changes when needed.

Property management is a complex task, generally there is a lot of information and context that needs to be given to property management software users. To give them complete peace of mind we had to tell the whole story – explaining how it works and all the great features it has in detail. Having this much content comes with it’s own set of challenges such as page load, so to help remedy this we lazy-loaded the content and added a transition as the user scrolled down the page – ensuring they were only loading what they needed to and enriching the visual experience.

Long term partners

It’s always great to hear when a client is happy with the final product, but it’s even more rewarding when you’ve been integral to the process from start to finish. So when Property Matrix asked us to work on the UI design and front end development for their app, we couldn’t have been more proud.


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