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In October 2017 we were introduced to Megan through her Icehouse business coach Nick Egerton. After 17 loyal years at the iconic Cadbury chocolate factory in Dunedin, Megan decided it was time to pursue her dream of running her own fashion design store. Having always had a passion and love for designer fashion, Megan wanted to create a platform to showcase some of the local talent that was emerging from the Otago region as well as throughout New Zealand.

Collaborative planning

Being based in the far South, discussions were initially kicked off over the phone to first understand the scope of the project and the vision Megan had for her business. Nothing quite substitutes for sitting down and meeting face to face so in early January Megan flew up to meet with us in Hawke’s Bay to do exactly that.

It’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short period of time when you lock yourself away in a room with a client. During this session we nutted out the basic sitemap, product structure, low-fi wireframes, goal tracking, shipping & payment functionality, email campaign, subscription incentive and established a broad look and feel of the site.

With a timeline and launch date put in place we were off.

Notion - new website


The planning session gave us a great platform to build upon. Understanding Megan’s vision meant that when we first presented the initial designs there were no big surprises for her and very few revisions. This allowed us to instead spend more time focusing on fine tuning the interactions such as the seamless product zoom allowing customers to really see the detailing of the garment without having to open a modal.

Notion styling

We spent some time on finding the right typeface to match Megan’s style. In the end we settled on Playfair display for its artistic stylised design. It was paired with a neutral sans serif font aktiv grotesk for smaller text to help with legibility. Megan ended up liking the chosen typeface that she requested her design agency use it for her brand. Soft pastel colours were chosen to compliment the modern monochromatic theme without detracting from the products.

Showcasing the designers was important to Megan. She was keen to raise awareness for emerging NZ designers as well as providing customers with a more personable touch by getting to know the designer. Sionell Urlich is a Dunedin handbag designer who sources her deer hides from a local tannery in Timaru, but in her spare time she is also into competitive powerlifting! Customers can shop garments directly from the designers bio page while being reassured that the products are ethical and sustainable.

Sionell Urlich


My Size

One of the biggest issues customers face when ordering clothes online is whether or not a garment is going to fit, complicated by the fact that each designer uses their own sizing system. What one designer may class as a 6 another may consider an 8. Because a lot of the garments on Megan’s site are from lesser known NZ designers, customers wouldn’t have any prior knowledge of the size or fit. Megan was keen to integrate a tool that would help customers find the right size for them to ease this pain point and offer a personable shopping experience.

My Size - tool

We always try to consider the end-user and their experience when designing:

  • How would a customer feel about sharing personal information such as weight?
  • Would choosing between male or female alienate some users?
  • We knew that online sizing tools had recently received some bad press so we had to tread carefully.

When asking for information from users we decided to only ask for what we absolutely had to and to make it clear that there is an obvious benefit for them. After thoroughly testing the tool we found that knowing the weight and body shape of a user had little impact on determining the size so decided to remove these fields. However, knowing if a customer preferred tight fitting or loose clothes helped to determine what was the best fit if they were in between two sizes.

By integrating the sizing information with the customer’s profile, we could provide options that were uniquely ‘Picked for you’. The user can save these details to their account so they can effectively search all products across the site to find other perfect matches.

Going live

It’s always nice to see someone’s dream come to life, and even nicer when the client is as lovely and passionate as Megan. We are looking forward to building a lasting relationship with Megan, maintaining her website and improving her SEO and watching her business become a success.


“It is important when building a web platform to connect with people that really understand your needs and can support you in every-way possible. Mogul have done an outstanding job with our Notion website, it looks polished and professional & is designed to enhance the customer shopping experience.”

Megan Fairley – Notion founder and Director

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