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Gemco is a premier construction company who approached Mogul to pitch for an update to their website. They wanted to show off their projects in an interactive and experiential way, and they wanted us to take them to the next level of what is possible online.

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The Dream Team

Getting a blue-sky brief doesn’t happen every day, so we immediately expanded our thinking to brand, photography and video and called in George from Black Dog Design and Dan from Indelible – to form The Dream Team. Together we did a huge amount of research and presented Gemco with extremely cool and innovative ideas, and won the pitch!

In The Moment

Gemco Group has constructed most of the large and iconic buildings around the Hawke’s Bay region. We really wanted to deliver an experience of scale – for the web visitor to get a sense of what it felt like to be standing in the entrance of the MTG, or in the grandstand of the Regional Sports Park. We wanted people to feel like they were actually ‘there’.

The main goal of the website was to showcase Gemco’s range of projects in a visually engaging way to encourage users to interact with the buildings. Our job was to give it that ‘next level’ aspect Gemco were looking for.

Design and UX

We developed a comprehensive technical document showing the behaviour of the creative components within the site. The piece-de-resistance was the fly-through video on the homepage that plays through as the user scrolls. The video itself is a mashup of Gemco’s projects using drone, dolly and steadicam footage. Using the motion of the scene, UI elements move into focus for the user to learn more about each project.

The photographic style was developed by George and Dan, we just needed to present them in the best way possible. We decided to set the content on a dark background that would contrast with the photography/videography as well as Gemco’s brand red, that features heavily through out the site.

Azo Sans was chosen as the typeface for its geometric qualities as well as having a softer humanistic appearance. This made it ideal for both titles and screen reading at smaller sizes.


The Build

Getting a video to scrub based on scroll position is no easy feat, and in the end, we had to render the video out at around 6fps into separate jpg’s and pass each one through the canvas element based on the scrolling position on the page.

As we had a lot of cutting-edge functionality on the site we made sure that we moved into prototyping as early as possible so we could test functionality throughout the project.

All of this content is housed on WordPress, a CMS platform that our clients tend to love for its ease of use and custom flexibility.

From Mogul With Love

The result – a very happy and proud client with a state-of-the-art website that allows their visitors to experience the buildings in a completely new and innovative way.

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