Mobile Devices

The Apple Watch and email marketing

By | April 30, 2015

With Apple’s watch coming out overseas, new details are emerging about how well it handles email (or doesn’t). The following are some important points that we’ll need to keep in mind when we send out that next campaign or...Read more

April 2015 newsletter: mobile websites and Google changes; Becs is leaving; and lots more…

By | April 21, 2015

Hi there Today is the day. Some people are calling it ‘Mobile-geddon’. It’s the day that Google is changing its search engine recipe (or ‘algorithm’ for the more technically-minded of you) for mobile website searches...Read more

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly – or Google will punish you!

By | April 16, 2015

If you still haven’t upgraded your website to make it mobile-friendly, you’re about to get a very compelling reason to do so. Google, the world’s most popular search engine (with a staggering 88% market share) is about to change...Read more

Louie’s interesting bits n’ bobs roundup

By | February 3, 2015

I often find myself coming across lot of interesting (or stupid) things online in my various travels, and I will share with you my claimed booty of the internet. So here we have my colossal round up of random helpful and unhelpful things organised...Read more

New Capabilities

By | March 6, 2014

After a month at Mogul, I thought it would be a good idea to share a bit about what has been happening recently, and what the future holds for our upcoming projects. Before coming to Mogul, I worked in mix of organizations, ranging from small...Read more

2014 Is the year of experimentation

By | February 20, 2014

I’ve just finished looking over the introduction to E Consultancy’s report  ‘Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2014 Digital Trends’. The report gives a great insight into the mindset, needs and concerns of the digital...Read more

Introducing the Mogul mobile website test

By | September 16, 2013

Mobile and tablet usage continues to skyrocket, so it’s becoming more and more important that your website looks great on a range of screen sizes and resolutions. So how does your website fare? We’ve created a new online tool so you...Read more

Responsive Retrofitting, is it right for your site?

By | August 8, 2013

This is a brief overview of what’s involved in retrofitting responsive design to your existing site, and I’ll try to hold back the geek talk and technical details as much as I can. In a previous post I explained what exactly...Read more

Zen and the Art of Mobile Web Development

By | June 13, 2013

Do you know how many people are using a mobile device to look at your website? The answer is: lots. Since the smartphone explosion a couple of years ago, I’ve always thought that about 5% to 10% of website traffic comes from mobile devices...Read more

Introduction to Responsive Web Design

By | December 12, 2012

By now you might have heard the term “responsive” being used in describing an aspect of web design. Don’t worry if you haven’t, because I’ll bring you up to speed on what it is and how you can make the most of it...Read more