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Motus Hydraulics

Motus Hydraulics wanted an online tool to allow users design, configure and order custom hydraulic rams.

About Motus Hydraulics

Motus Hydraulics is a New Zealand’s leading hydraulic ram and cylinder manufacturer. The rams they create are essential components in all kinds of agricultural, horticultural and industrial machinery.

The opportunity for a ram configurator

While Motus has an extensive range of off-the-shelf products for many applications and industries, many of their customers have special requirements and unusual specifications.

So they identified the opportunity for an online ‘ram builder’ configurator, allowing staff and customers to easily mix and match compatible components for a fully custom-designed ram. The customer would also be able to immediately buy their custom ram, and obtain technical drawings of it.

Motus approached Mogul to help get the configurator built. The job presented a number of technical challenges, including working with existing code, data formatting and manipulation, integration with external services and WooCommerce integration.

How it works

Hydraulic rams come in many shapes and sizes, and not every combination of components will work.

Motus produced a working prototype of their desired ram configurator in JavaScript and HTML. This provided us with a good base to further develop the tool and integrate it with the existing Motus website.

We worked with pricing and specification data provided in the form of spreadsheets, and transformed them into data formats more suitable for the tool, but still able to be updated in future.

When a customer has finished choosing all the options for their ram – bore and shaft sizes, mounts, custom port orientations and many other dynamic options – the Rambuilder calculates a price based on the components chosen.


It also builds a DriveWorks XML specification of the ram, which allows the customer to get CAD drawings with the click of a button; a custom integration sends the XML specification to a Motus server, which produces the drawings and emails them to the customer when ready.

The ram can also be ordered from Motus instantly, via an integration with WooCommerce. This adds the ram details to a WooCommerce product and dynamically renames it, adjusting the price with any applicable customer discounts in the cart.

Finally, the customer can save the ram to their account history for future reference and easy re-ordering.

‘The Configurator Mark 2 has greatly increased customer experience through being able to design their ram exactly how and when they need it also including the download features which make integrating into existing designs very simple.’
Hartley Currie, General Manager

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