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Glenn Cook Technologies

Glenn Cook Technologies, one of Hawke’s Bay’s most recognised IT specialists, needed a brand refresh that was more in tune with their reputation as consummate IT professionals.


A new direction

When we first met with Glenn and the team, they had a pretty clear idea of the direction they were after. The new brand needed to be modern, recognisable and obvious as to what they do. Their existing logo incorporated the initials IT into the icon but their subtlety meant they were often missed, and the link between the company brand and service was lost.

“Our previous brand has served us well for over eight years, however as our business grows in national and international markets it is important we have a strong brand that represents who we were and what we do. Being mindful to preserve our history we preferred to evolve rather than replace our brand. “

Mark Fenwick – Business Manager

GCT logo

With a brand refresh, the rebranded visual identity should ideally feel like a natural evolution rather than a leap to something entirely random. After the initial planning session, we explore several different design directions and created four different visual concepts. The idea of using the company initials was a clear favourite during the presentation. Glenn and the team often refer to themselves as ‘GCT’ as having to say “Glenn Cook Technologies” each time can become quite a mouthful. Incorporating ‘GCT’ into their branding made a lot of sense and the icon could be used in isolation and still be distinctly obvious as to who they are.

Old and New GCT logo

Working with the GCT office

Tile divider walls are a prominent aspect in the interior of the GCT office and the client was keen to integrate this feature into their visual identity. To achieve this, we developed the initial concept further by using the square tile to form the negative detailing cut through the letters and positioned evenly through the G & C for a more symmetrical look. The bold and thick shape of the characters creates a strong and block-esque look. During this round of developments, we also introduced a second colour to the icon to distinguish ‘Technologies’ from Glenn’s name.

The word “Technologies” is fairly broad and can easily be misinterpreted, so to avoid any potential industry confusion, we incorporated a strapline into the logo to communicate that they are specialists in IT.


Brand colour & typeface

The blue and green colour scheme used in their existing branding and throughout the office was given a refresh using more brighter, pastel tones. The grey was made warmer and adjusted to compliment the new vibrant blue. These colours were expanded to provide them with a clear colour palette with primary and secondary colours that would afford them a greater choice in their brand communications moving forward and still achieve a consistent look.

We wanted to partner the icon’s strong and simplistic charm with a typeface that was neutral, easy to read and would bring a warming familiarity to it. Glenn also indicated that he preferred the look of sans serif fonts for their simple and clean look.

Brand guidelines & collateral

After the client signed off on the logo, we translated the new visual identity into a simple, to-the-point set of brand guidelines that would help Glenn and the team to maintain the integrity of their brand across all media and provide them with guidance on when to use the different logo variations included in their suite.

We then developed an email signature and letterhead that implemented the new modern and smarter style of their brand. We have also concepted business cards with a more humanised and unique touch and they are ready to be rolled out to complete the look.

We have now launched the new GCT website and will tell you more about it in the weeks to come.

“With Mogul’s deep understanding of design and branding, we found this a simple evolution and the result has exceeded our expectation.”

Mark Fenwick – Business Manager

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