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Betacraft is a family-owned clothing business that provides hard-working gear for hard-working people out in the elements. But their target audience – the farmers, the sailors, the hunters, the workers, the adventurers – don’t get much spare time to go clothes shopping.

A ‘Beta’ experience

First and foremost, we needed to bring the Betacraft website up to current web standards, giving their customers the confidence to purchase online from any device. When we first met the team at Betacraft, the company was undergoing a brand identity refresh led by a brand consultant. Working closely with Betacraft, we helped to ensure that the new visual look, raw and authentic photography and product architecture were expressed and reflected on the website.

betacraft website made responsive

Multiple planning sessions with Betacraft provided insight into their customers and products. With a rich understanding of both, we were then able to deliver a solution for Betacraft that made the e-commerce shopping experience clear and concise for the customer. Multiple product entry points, dynamic product stock information and a no-fluff shopping cart all helped to achieve this.

Betacraft products

Updating and managing stock for Betacraft’s content team was equally as important as the customer’s shopping experience. Woocommerce, a supported WordPress plugin afforded the team basic e-commerce stock management; and we added a custom-built feature to import product information directly from their current inventory system, saving endless hours of admin.

We also designed a bespoke currency converter because seeing prices in a foreign currency that is not relevant can cause a bit of a sour taste to the shopping experience. This was integrated throughout the site, enabling a more transparent and simplified shopping experience for Betacraft’s overseas customers.


Betacraft backend system


“Betacraft recently built their new website with Mogul. Wow – what an outstanding end result! We truly recommend Mogul – we worked with some great people! The new website has given our online sales a massive boost already!”

Ed Beatson – Marketing & Projects
Betacraft bundles

A new way to shop

Betacraft also wanted to offer clothing bundles, so the user can be completely kitted out head-to-toe with matching products, together in a handy and discounted package. We helped Betacraft achieve their bundle concept by developing a unique e-commerce shop page which steps the user through the clothing types with the ability to customise as they go. Shopping made simple!

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